Back Spasms

OK so I am just coming off of two weeks dealing with a major back spasm! I can say that I wouldnt wish this excruciating, debilitating pain on the devil himself!  ....maybe that's stretching it a bit too far! Pun intended! I ended up sleeping upright in a chair for four nights, as I simply coudnt move! However the tyranny of this overwhelming pain was interspersed with scenes of hilarity, such as when dressing, specificall, trying to put underwear on.....those long shoe horns with the curled end certainly are versatile! I will leave that image with you! Thank goodness for massage therapists and chiropractors who literally got me walking again.....and volumns of celebrex and Robax helped too. Lesson learned: stretch stretch stretch every opportunity throughout the day AND prior and subsequent to any physical actvity such as golf or cycling! Time will tell if I heed my own words! have a spasm free day!

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