Skiing again

.......three years ago I was skiing with a friend: we were standing at the side of the Applebowl run when some yahoo came barrelling airbourne over the crest at full tilt, missing my head by inches and nailing my friend squarley in the choice was to chech out my friend to see if he was dead, or go and beat the %&%&^*&^&^ out of the idiot that hit him: I checked out my friend who was winded but ok, and by the time I turned to go see the idiot.....he was gone without a word!!!! I stopped skiing that day. At one time in my life skiing was my passion, however now that golf is, I made the decision to stop skiing to preserve myself for golf, my present passion.....that is until last Wednesday! My wife pushed me to go and I am glad I did as I had forgotten how much fun it was and how much I missed my last run of the day was directly to guest services where I promptly purchased a 5 x 7 pass!....only need to ski three more times to pay for it!

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