Do Not Paint Your RED DOOR BLACK ~ The Story Of The Red Door

    Your front door is the entrance to your home, and the gateway to your life. They come in many sizes, shapes and colors, and what you choose may say more about you than just your decorative style. Painting your front door RED has had several meanings throughout history and cultures.

The most notable is in Chinese Feng Shui, where painting the front door red creates welcoming energy in the "Mouth of Chi".

Catholic churches would paint the front doors red to symbolize the "blood of Christ", believing that after entering the doors you are now on holy land.

The Red front door in early America was a welcome sign, signaling travelers that they were welcome to come in and spend the night. 

The red front door has a completely different meaning in Scotland, where painting your door red is a right of passage, and symbolizes you have paid off your mortgage and you now own your home!

So before you paint that red door black, think twice, more may be at stake than just style! 






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