2012 Saskatoon Street Sweeping Schedule


City crews work in two shifts per day, seven days a week, weather permitting and barring mechanical delays, to complete sweeping of every street in the city in the spring. Major roadways are swept at night to avoid daytime traffic congestion, and street sweepers are equipped with lights and flashers to warn traffic of their presence. In addition, roadways are pre-wetted to reduce the creation of dust that may obscure visibility.

Residents will be notified of sweeping in their neighbourhood through door hangers distributed door-to-door about two days in advance. If poor weather delays the sweeping, a new date will be set at the end of the schedule to visit the missed area, and new door hangers will be delivered to affected residents.

During neighbourhood sweeps, residents are asked to remove their parked vehicles from the street on the date indicated between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. the following morning. Only specific sites that have excessive on-street parking, such as City Park, will have “no-parking” signs posted. If there are no signs indicating a parking ban, the crew will sweep around the vehicle. In areas where “no-parking” signs are posted, vehicles may be ticketed and towed to a nearby street where space is available.

Later in June, a few days are assigned for crews to re-sweep streets in densely populated residential areas that have heavy on-street parking. These residential streets are given a second sweep because transient parked vehicles make it impossible to thoroughly clean them with just one pass.

Where to move your vehicle

Many residents have the convenience of a driveway or back lane to park their vehicles during street sweeping. For residents without these conveniences, it may be necessary to park some distance away from your home. The list below provides planned sweeping dates, and individual PDF maps for each neighbourhood. Please ensure your vehicle is not parked in any of the areas shown on the date scheduled for street sweeping.

Adelaide/Churchill   May 1
Arbor Creek   May 10
Auto Mall   May 4
Avalon   May 16
Brevoort Park   May 4
Briarwood   May 6
Buena Vista   May 2
Caswell Hill   May 15
City Park (included in commercial/downtown sweep)   May 23
College Park   May 9
College Park East   May 9
Confederation Park   April 26
Dundonald   April 27
Eastview   May 4
Erindale   May 10
Exhibition   May 16
Fairhaven   April 25
Forest Grove   May 19
Greystone Heights   May 8
Grosvenor Park   May 8
Hampton Village (paved streets)   May 11
Haultain   May 2
Holiday Park   April 24
Holliston   May 3
Hudson Bay Park   April 28
Kelsey/Woodlawn   April 29
King George   May 14
Lakeridge (including Lakewood Suburban Centre - not shown on map)   May 7
Lakeview   May 7
Lakewood SC   May 6
Lawson Heights   April 23
Lawson Heights SC   April 23
Massey Place   May 13
Mayfair   April 28
Meadowgreen   May 13
Montgomery Place   April 24
Mount Royal   May 12
Mount Royal (north - sec. 18)   May 11
North Park   April 29
Nutana   May 23
Nutana Park   May 3
Nutana S.C.   May 4
Pacific Heights   April 26
Parkridge   April 25
Pleasant Hill   May 14
Queen Elizabeth   May 1
Richmond Heights   April 29
River Heights   May 17
Riversdale   May 14
Rosewood   May 6
Silverspring   May 22
Silverwood Heights   April 30
Stonebridge (paved streets)   May 17
Sutherland   May 20
University Heights SC   May 10
Varsity View   May 8
Westmount   May 15
Westview   April 27
Wildwood   May 5
Willowgrove (paved streets)   May 18
The Willows (paved streets)   May 17

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