City Announces "Saskatoon Recycles" to Begin January 2013

City Announces "Saskatoon Recycles" to Begin January 2013

For Immediate release: November 26, 2012

City of Saskatoon today announces its residential recycling collection. The program will begin to roll out in early January 2013, with a neighbourhood by neighbourhood, phased-in delivery of blue recycling carts to homes that currently receive black garbage cart service.

“We’ve heard from Saskatoon residents about their desire to keep our growing, 21st century city beautiful,” says City Manager Murray Totland. “We want to provide services which demonstrate our Strategic Goal of Environmental Leadership.So, that’s why it is my absolute pleasure to officially introduce a program that is in step with the needs and shared values of our residents: Saskatoon Recycles.”

In January, recycling service provider Loraas Recycle will continue with their bi-weekly collection schedule for current customers and new customers will have their first collection within two weeks of receiving their blue recycling cart, in the same location as the black garbage cart pickup. It will take about six months for all blue recycling carts to be delivered to the 66,000 homes. A monthly fee of $4.66 will be added to homeowners’ municipal utility bills once their blue recycling cart pickup service has started.

Environmental Services Branch Manager, Brenda Wallace, explains that recycling programs similar in scope in other Canadian municipalities were assessed in order to learn from challenges and implement successes.

“Together we built this recycling program, and together we must implement it. The success of Saskatoon Recycles depends on it,” says Wallace. “Even so, despite our collective best efforts, we must still manage our own expectations as we arrive at the inevitable bumps in the road.”

The City anticipates that in its first year alone, Saskatoon Recycles will divert at least 14,000 tonnes of residential household waste from the landfill, doubling the volume of recyclable material the City collected in 2012.

“On average about half of what people put in their black garbage carts can actually be recycled,” says Wallace.

An extensive list of acceptable and unacceptable recycling materials is available at and will be listed in a recycling guide delivered in the blue carts.

“If you don’t see it on the list, it can’t go in the cart,” Wallace stressed. “People often think items like Styrofoam or wood can be recycled, but they can’t, so we all need to become familiar with what can and cannot go in the cart.”

An integrated recycling and garbage collection calendar and recycling guide will be delivered in the blue recycling carts. To find out when your cart will be delivered, residents can find the delivery schedule at, or contact Loraas Recycle at 242-2300 or

Saskatoon Recycles is among the most affordable programs of its kind in Canada. The second phase of the program will begin roll out in 2014, extending the recycling program to Saskatoon residents, in condos and apartments.

Find more information about the City’s Saskatoon Recycles, visit

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