Hampton Village Update

Been to Hampton lately?  Lots going on including:

Claypool Drive being extended further west....(This is also connected to extending infrastructure services to the new Kensington neighbourhood)

Hampton Circle has been connected between Coad and Klassen Crescents...sidewalks and streets are in.  Signs aren't up but I believe Henick Crescent runs off Hampton Circle in this area north of the park

Work has been going hot and heavy the past week or so on the area that will include the Richardson Road extension and Lehrer Crescent area east of McLocklin Road and the intersection of McLocklin and East Hampton Boulevard

The pocket park/greenspace on Korol Green appears to just about complete...playground equipment going in...lots of trees....assume the turf will be down shortly

And very important to traffic flow in and out of the neighbourhood...traffic lights are up at Cynthia and Avenue C but not functioning yet



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