PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE Proposed Elk Point Neighbourhood Concept Plan

 Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5:00 - 8:00 PM (Come & Go)

Location: Hampton Village Free Methodist Church
(Multi-Purpose Room) - 2930 McClocklin Road

The design of the Elk Point neighbourhood has been ~~. undertaken with the aim of creating a walkable, well-
connected, mixed-use neighbourhood that meets the goals of the City of Saskatoon's Strategic Plan 2013-


Elk Point is a new proposed residential neighbourhood, consisting of 572 acres, and is the second
neighbourhood to be developed in the City of
Saskatoon's Blairmore Sector. The proposed
neiqhbourhood is bound on the west by Neault Road, on
the north by Claypool Drive and on the south by 33rd Street West. It is bound on the southeast by the Dundonald neiqhbourhood: and on the east by the Hampton Village neighbourhood.
The neighbourhood design includes a central corridor, roadway and pedestrian network, a village centre and
village square. offering a' mix of commercial and higher density residential land uses, and open spaces to create
a liveable and vital neighbourhood. The neighbourhood
will accommodate a mix of housing options while
supporting connectivity for all modes of transportation. Upon completion, the. neighbourhood will be home to
approximately 10,000 residents.
The open house will provide' an opportunity to view the
proposed Neighbourhood Concept Plan and to ask
questions to City of Saskatoon staff and development

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