Property Tax Prepayment Discount and TIPPS/Saskatoon


Historically, the City of Saskatoon has sent notices out in early December of each year, offering a discount for prepayment of property taxes (municipal, library, and education).  The discount was available on payments made by January 31 of the following year. 

In March of 2012, the Province announced that starting in January 2013, municipalities would no longer have authority to apply a prepayment discount to education property taxes.  At its meeting of June 18, 2012, City Council approved the recommendation of the Administration that the City of Saskatoon discontinue offering prepayment discounts for the early payment of property taxes starting in the 2013 tax year. Therefore, starting January 2013, the property tax prepayment discount will be discontinued, and City of Saskatoon property tax customers will not receive a Property Tax Prepayment Notice in December 2012.

Also new for 2013, the Tax Instalment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS) monthly amounts will be adjusted in February and July each year; historically, the months for this have been January and June. The December 2012 TIPPS withdrawal will be for the exact amount of taxes outstanding and the January 2013 TIPPS withdrawal will be the same as the November 2012 TIPPS amount.

All TIPPS customers will still receive an annual TIPPS Summary but not until January each year.  This statement will provide a summary of TIPPS payments for the previous year and notification of the new TIPPS amount effective February 1.

Each year, property tax notices are issued in the spring after City Council passes the Mill Rate Bylaw.  Property tax notices are typically received before the end of May, with taxes due on June 30.

The TIPPS program allows you to make 12 monthly payments for property tax throughout the calendar year. Monthly withdrawals are made on the first banking day of the month and begin in January of each year. There are no fees charged for this service by the City of Saskatoon.  Applications are accepted through the year but must include TIPPS payments to the date of application. For additional information on the 2013 changes to the property tax prepayment discount or the TIPPS program, visit www.saskatoon.caand look under “P” for Property Taxes.

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