For Immediate Release:  November 7, 2013

The City of Saskatoon’s (City) Planning and Development Division is pleased to present the new City Centre Plan.  A report to the Planning and Operations Committee will be made public on the Committee agenda later this afternoon.

“The City Centre Plan represents the ongoing commitment by the City to make sure  Saskatoon’s Downtown and major connecting corridors maintain and expand their level of importance and stature,” says Director of Planning and Development Alan Wallace.  “We want the City Centre to meet the needs and expectations of the community as we move towards a population of 500,000.”

The City Centre Plan is the third phase of a four part process.  Phase One included the Public Space, Activities, and Urban Form Report of 2011.  Phase Two included the Saskatoon Speaks Visioning Process of 2011.  Stantec Consulting Ltd. was contracted to assist the City with Phase Three, which includes the development of the City Centre Plan.

The City Centre Plan will foster a vibrant mix of uses including new residences, commercial office space, retail and restaurants, as well as cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities. 

“These uses will be supported through pedestrian-oriented design, high-quality open spaces, public infrastructure, and additional parking opportunities,” Wallace says.  “The City Centre Plan will also support innovative policy that will foster private investment, creating more market interest and the absorption of vacant lots.”

Through a series of initiatives and policies that ensure that the City achieves the vision of Saskatoon Speaks, the City Centre Plan outlines appropriate strategic improvements, which will allow Saskatoon’s City Centre to benefit from the region’s growth and attract private investment to make the vision a reality.  This includes transportation corridors, servicing, parking, green space, and other public amenities that are needed to support and enhance this growth.


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