Sales up 18% in June in Saskatoon/SRAR Stats

Saskatoon REALTORS(R) sold 721 homes in June 2014 compared to 610 a year earlier, an increase of 18%..  Further indicators of the strength of the market:  SALES DOLLAR VOLUME is up 25% year over year and surpassed a billion dollars (1,113,080,398) for the year so far.

AVERAGE SALE PRICE for the month was up to 361,700 and for 2014 increaded to 355,479 dollars year to date.In the rural areas surrounding the city DOLLLAR VOLUME was up a whopping 38% while the month over month sales price increase was a modest 2% and year over year the the average sale price is virtually the same as June 2013.

Listings were up 17% in the city compared to 13% in the rural area June over June.

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