Bradford Children's Charity Fund Annual Golf Tournament 2016

Century 21® Heritage Group Ltd. is proud to announce that the 2016 Bradford Children's Charity Fund's Annual Golf Tournament will be supporting Millie Arjoon.

Millie Arjoon at just four years old has Ulrich Muscular Dystrophy. She was diagnosed at just one and a half years old, following various medical testing.

Ulrich Muscular Dystrophy makes Millie’s muscles very weak, so weak that she is not able to sit up, stand or walk. It affects every muscle in her body, from the muscles in her mouth that allow her to chew and swallow, to the muscles in her chest that she uses for breathing. Since so much of the human body is made up of muscle mass, and Millie’s muscles are exceptionally weak, she has very limited mobility. This is just one challenge that affects her daily life. Others include seizures, and significant developmental delays.

Millie requires a lot of extra assistance and support for daily care and everyday living. The mobility tools and care that she requires are costly and exceeds her family’s means. Through donation and sponsorship from our community we can contribute to Millie’s progress and help her to gain more independence.

Some of Millie’s favourite things include watching Bakyardigans and swimming. Even though Millie can’t speak she also enjoys babbling and singing songs.

Please help us support Millie at this year’s Bradford Children’s Charity Fund Golf Tournament by sponsoring our efforts to raise funds for Millie and the Arjoon family. We would be very grateful for your support as we come together in our community to support a local family and neighbour.




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