Smart September Energy Efficiency Saving Tips for Your Home

Smart September Energy Tip #1

Did you know, ovens lose approximately 20% of their heat every time you open the door? Save money and keep the door shut!

Smart September Energy Tip #2


Standby power can account for up to 10% of a household energy bill. @ENERGYSTAR_CAN has some advice.

Smart September Energy Tip #3

Spend your time on your phone wisely: smart products that you control with your phone. 

Smart September Energy Tip #4

LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than regular ones.

Smart September Energy Tip #5

Looking for a weekend DIY project? Here are 5 energy-saving upgrades you can easily accomplish before the weather turns.

Smart September Energy Tip #6

A hot water heater makes up 20% of your energy bill. Why it’s important to research a replacement before an emergency.

Smart September Energy Tip #7

Happy Fall! Save money this winter with a smart thermostat.

Smart September Energy Tip #8

Unplug your chargers! They’re using energy and costing money. Consider a charging station with a power bar to maximize efficiency.

Smart September Energy Tip #9

The average Canadian home has 25 or more electronic devices that draw power when they’re off. Try to unplug as many as possible when they’re not in use.

Smart September Energy Tip #10

Looking to sell? Here are 6 energy-saving home upgrades you can make to help sell your home

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