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View Porter's official Web site at Over seven years ago I received a call from the OSPCA adoption coordinator to view a large abused dog that had recided in two shelters over the years.  The dog had just recently been living on his own in the wild for sometime.   The OSPCA was contacted by the Ontario Provincial Police to pick up a distressed dog on HWY 400.  When I was introduced to the dog, he had a bad case of mange. No hair on his head and parts of his body.  The dog was given two names over the years.  I was about to give him a third because the previous names he had were the same names as that of my neighbours.  Think about that ...   I called the dog Porter because he would always greeting me at the door with a sock, slipper, ....

According to Porter's veterinarian, Porter is a mix of Curly Haired Black Lab, Newfoundland, & Retriever.  He now has a very quiet disposition.  I found Porter very easy to train.

Porter is a great companion and has been a registered Therapy Dog for a well known world wide volunteer agency for a number of years.    He makes regular visits to schools, librarys, seniors homes, community events.      

Porter loves his walks and I enjoy taking him but not when it is 20 below (C). 

I really recommend having a well trained pet for a number of reasons.  Go to your local shelter on-line.  There is a link on my major Web site at     As you know, having a pet is a major commitment so think about it carefully.  How much will it cost yearly for licence, check ups, food, grooming, .... Do I have the time to look after the pet for the type of breed.  You get the idea ... 

I read some where that a pet can increase your life span by alleviating stress ...  This may not be so for a few years.  Just saying! 

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