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Lunch At Akita Sushi Bradford


Akita Sushi is a popular authentic Japanese sushi venue in Bradford, with over 100 fresh menu options to choose from. With so many healthy food items it is not difficult to find something on their menu to suit your tastes. My favourite part of Akita Sushi is the all you can eat option, but they also offer an a la carte menu or lunch specials; personally when I’m not in the mood for all you can eat I go for their bento boxes. They also have a beautiful dining area that is large enough for groups or corporate dining. Akita Sushi seems to attract small groups, large groups and singles and it’s also great to see families and their children dining there too.

The food that they offer includes items such as maki rolls, sashimi, tappanyaki, and signature rolls, one of my personal favourite signature rolls is the Snow Mountain Roll, I highly recommend it. Alongside their wide variety of food menu items they also offer an array of drink options. As a fully licensed restaurant they offer Saki, wine and beer as well as various soft drinks to pair with your meal. 

Century 21 Bradford visited this past week for a business lunch and enjoyed their meal and dining in a very comfortable setting in good company and conversation. They chose the all you can eat option and shared menu items and laughs while discussing the real estate market and industry related topics, overall they had an enjoyable lunch. Have a look at the photos taken from their lunch and feel free to post comments on your experiences at Akita Sushi. What is your favorite menu item?

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  1. Lisa Fedele 07/16/2013 at 3:27 PM I really enjoy eating at Akita Sushi, my favourite are the green dragon rolls.

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