New Born Orcas

We want to welcome J52 to the world.

J52 is the newest member of JPod. That’s not a boy band – but a group of orca whales that live off the BC coast. The southern resident population is made up of three pods – J, K and L – and the addition of this birth brings the number of residents to 81 for the rare orcas.

With only 81 orcas remaining in this southern resident population, newborn calf J52 is a very welcome addition – not only to the mother and family (which the calf will stay with for life!) but also to those of us trying to save these orcas from extinction.

Orca whale in BC
© William W. Rossiter / WWF

These three pods – which are listed as endangered in Canada – haven't had a surviving calf for three years. Some estimates suggest that if nothing is done soon, they could disappear within the next 100 years.

These whales are doing what they can to survive (like having four newborn calves this season!), but they can’t do it alone. Their very survival is threatened from human impacts – our fisheries, our shipping, the noise from human activities and the contaminants we put in our oceans.

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  1. Alana S. 05/14/2016 at 4:30 PM Very cool dad! What an incredible species. Did we see some of these while we were cruising down the west coast? Remember the dolphins playing in the bioluminescence at night?! What a trip.

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