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Welcome to my Website

Edmond Ishag is a Real Estate Broker servicing GTA, and it's surrounding areas. He is a professional realtor with several years of sales, marketing experience. He possess an exceptional customer service, outstanding commitment and loyalty. His goal is to help his clients with real estate information and updates, and to become the one stop resource centre.

Honesty, Commitment & Integrity is my promise to you!


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What are the possibilities?

Chances are that you receive brochures, flyers, post cards and other mailings each week telling you about homes available in your area.

And, of course, you can't help but notice all the newspaper advertisements for homes and open houses!

So, even if you're not seriously considering a move right now, it's natural to ask, "What are the possibilities?"

  • "What can we get for our home in today's market?"
  • "What homes are available right now in the neighborhoods in which we want to live?"
  • "Can we afford a larger home?"
  • "Is now the right time to make a move, or should we just wait?"

I want you to know that as a valid client, you can contact me anytime you have questions. Even if you're just curious, I can help you understand the opportunities that are currently available on the market, and give you a sense of what your home could sell for today.

Of course, there is no pressure at all. It's just part of my services to you as a valued client.

All the best,


Think, Act... Live!

  • "The essence of professionalism is not in seeking a destination, but rather in continuously pursuing the journey."
  • "All lasting business is built on friendship."
  • "The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work."
  • "Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do, doesn't mean it's useless."
  • "I am not young enough to know everything."
  • "Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success."
  • "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
  • "Action is the real measure of intelligence."
  • "It's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay with problems longer."
  • "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

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Research shows that 85% of buyers search the internet before buying a home. That's why these days it's not just about having a website but having a website that works.  As per ComScore Inc., Century21.ca delivers 3x the number of unique visitor per sales representative than any other competitive brand in Canada.



5 things to know when selling a home by yourself...!

I happen to believe that in most cases you will be better protected and make more money selling your house if you use an agent.

Here's why:
You don't have to pay up-front: Do-it-Yourself marketing companies are not real estate agents. You usually pay $1,000-to- $2,000 up front, for pictures, videos and to have your home listed on the MLS system. However, you get no money back if your home doesn't sell. With a real estate agent, if your home doesn't sell, you pay nothing, even though the agent may have spent a lot of time marketing and using all of their own and their company contacts to sell your home.
A bidding war is unlikely: Bidding wars are the norm in the GTA and other parts of Ontario. In virtually all cases, the home is sold by a real estate agent. The reason is that it takes experience to price the home properly. Second, the process is fair because no one knows what anyone else is bidding. With a private seller, there is no duty of confidentiality, so the seller can tell one buyer what another buyer is bidding. Buyers do not trust the process so there is no bidding war.
You negotiate on your own: When you do it yourself, it is difficult to know what a fair price is for your home. You might have to pay an appraiser to find out. When a buyer hears that you are saving commission, they will want to split the savings. So you don't get all the commission savings and you also have to negotiate with a buyer who is likely represented by a real estate agent. This agent will use all their experience to figure out how low you will go, while giving nothing away about their own buyer.
Not knowing your obligations: Sellers cannot rely on the term "Buyer Beware." You have to disclose problems with your home and you cannot hide or cover up anything. Otherwise, you can still be sued after closing. Who wants a court fight long after you move? Lenders are more cautious when they see a private deal: I have seen deals collapse this way. In one case, the lender sent their own appraiser because they were concerned the buyer paid too much money. The appraiser agreed and the buyer's loan commitment was cancelled. The deal died...!

In another case, the seller was worried the buyers did not have proper financing. They wanted more proof about the buyer's financial situation than the buyer was willing to give. Lawyers became involved when things could not be worked out amicably. When buyers are represented by agents, they are usually pre-qualified in advance so the seller can have comfort that they will have the money available to close the deal on time.
When you're out for a walk this weekend have a look at the For Sale signs and see how many are represented by realtors. There's a reason for that.
By all means, try and sell your house on your own, just beware that it's not as easy as it looks.
Edmond Ishag
*Copied from Mark Weisleder "Real Estate Lawyer"

​7 ways to avoid home buying horrors...!

Now that the Halloween season is upon us, it is a good time to remind buyers how they can avoid mistakes when buying a home that will lead to nightmares later. Here are 7 ways to prepare so that you don't have a horror story to share

1. Make sure your lender has done their appraisal of your home

Just because you are pre-approved for financing, it does not mean you will get your money on closing. There are always more lender conditions to satisfy, whether it is income verification, proof of down payment and a satisfactory appraisal of your home, to make sure you didn't overpay. Make sure you satisfy all requirements before you waive any finance condition. I have seen many cases where lenders have refused to advance money on the closing date because of incomplete information or problems with the home's appraisal. This can cause delays in closing, extra moving expenses and in worst case scenarios, a default in the deal where the buyer forfeits their deposit.

2. Visit the neighbourhood on foot

No seller will tell you about a neighbour from hell or problems with other homes on the street. They may also not disclose problems with their own homes or whether there had been a suicide or murder on the property. When you are doing your home inspection, have someone talk to your potential new neighbours and ask them directly if they saw any repair trucks at the home you are interested in, and whether there may be some strange people living nearby. It also helps to work with a real estate agent who is familiar with that neighbourhood as well, to avoid any surprises after closing.

3. Choose a home inspector carefully

The home inspection is a critical part of the process, so do your research. Make sure the company is registered before retaining them. The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is a self-regulating body that defines qualifications for home inspectors, and grants the designation RHI, or Registered Home Inspector, to qualified practitioners in Ontario. Most inspection firms have a limitation of liability clause, which states that if they miss something that costs you money, they are not responsible. Ask the inspection company if they have ever been sued by a buyer. Also ask them whether they carry insurance in case they do get sued. Remember that home inspectors cannot see behind walls. In older homes especially, it is worth considering paying extra to check for moisture behind the walls, termites and drainage issues.

4. Go to City Hall

Visit your local building department and find out if any new developments are planned. New development may increase property values but also increase traffic. Check to see how many owners have applied for minor variances, to either build homes or additions that are larger than the by-law permits. This gives an indication of the future direction of this neighbourhood.

5. Include everything you expect to receive on closing

There is no such thing as too much detail. Insert clearly everything you expect to receive on closing, including window coverings, drapes, mirrors, closet organizers, TV brackets, garage door openers and even 2 sets of keys and FOBs in a condominium. If the seller wants to remove the chandelier, make sure they install a cheaper fixture before closing, so you do not enter a dark house when you move in.

6. Basement apartments must be legal

If the home contains a basement apartment and the income is important to you, make sure that it legally complies with zoning and the fire code by-laws. If it doesn't, then all it takes is one complaint from a neighbour and you may be forced to spend thousands of dollars to make it comply after you buy.

7. Check about your insurance premium early

Find an insurance agent right away and if possible, check what it will cost to obtain insurance as soon as you sign your agreement and before you waive any conditions. An insurance agent can check the history of claims in the neighbourhood and can let you know about claims for sewage back-ups or vandalism. If it has old knob and tube wiring, or the place used to be a grow house, you will have difficulty arranging insurance. This is important information that any buyer should have before deciding to waive their conditions and complete the deal.

By following these steps, you can avoid horrors after closing.


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