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There are many reality shows on television these days. A few even focus on real estate. These programs often feature the nerve-racking tension between homeowners desperately trying to list and sell their homes. Every minute is filled with anxiety, arguments and mishaps.

Keep in mind that these “reality shows” are designed to be an emotional rollercoaster ride. But your next move doesn’t have to be. If you’re thinking of buying or selling, give me a call. I’ll show you how smooth and stress-free the process can be.

When to Consider Buying a “Diamond in the Rough”
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Let’s face it. When you visit a home during a scheduled viewing or open house, you’re usually seeing it at its best. The rooms are tidy. The sinks are clean. The closets are organized and uncluttered. Even the lighting is set to its brightest.

That’s just good old-fashioned marketing. 

However, not every house you see will actually look this way. For any number of reasons, a house on the market may be less than tidy, poorly decorated, and even in need of minor repairs. You may open the front door in anticipation, only to be immediately turned off by stains on the carpets, faded paint on the walls, cluttered hallways, and more. 

First impressions form quickly. It’s easy to make quick judgments and move on. But, you may be passing on what could be a dream home. 

Don’t make that mistake. Make your purchase decision based on a carefully considered second impression, not just your first. 

When viewing a house, imagine how it will look with a fresh coat of paint, some redecorating, the minor repairs completed, and your furniture adorning the rooms. You might just find that a home that doesn’t show well is really a diamond in the rough.

(One caveat: Be careful of houses that don’t look like they’ve been well maintained. There could be issues lurking that require expensive repairs or renovations. Always make a professional home inspection a condition of your offer.) 

There are advantages to buying a home that doesn’t show well. They attract less interest and, therefore, less competition from other potential buyers. The listing price may be lower too. 

Need more ideas for finding the perfect home? Call today.


Making Sure Your “Wish List” is Complete
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Before shopping for a new home, people often create a “wish list” of the features they desire most. That's a good way to ensure you choose a home that best fits your needs and desires. For example, you might want an extra bedroom for guests, ample space for a home office, a local playground for the kids, and so forth.

However, many buyers don’t make their lists complete enough. You might find a home with the extra bedroom and nearby playground you want, only to realize, too late, that your commute to work becomes twice as long. You missed the importance of the commute because it wasn’t on your list. Ouch! 

When you make your wish list, don’t be afraid to dream big. You might not be able to find a home that includes everything you desire, but you may be surprised by just how close you can get. 

Here are some wish list items to consider:

  • Distances to places you visit regularly – work, schools, running trails, recreation centres, restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping centres.
  • Specific home features – a backyard tree, large closets, a fireplace, a two-car garage, a beautiful view.
  • Neighborhood characteristics –safety, sidewalks, nearby public transit, playgrounds, the neighbors.

A complete list helps you make a better decision about which homes to consider. It helps you balance the positives — “I love the large kitchen with the marble countertops” — with the negatives — “The bathroom off the master bedroom is small” — to ultimately make the best buying decision.

Also remember to take your list with you when shopping for a new home. Use it as a checklist or as a way to organize notes. Ultimately it will make it easier to shortlist homes, compare them, and determine when you’re ready to submit an offer. 

Want to find out which homes on the market fit your wish list? Call Today.


Shop for Insurance Before You Close
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After purchasing a new home, buyers are often focused on securing a good mortgage, hiring a reputable moving company, and preparing for moving day. 

Those are all important. Just don’t forget about home insurance! It’s an easy detail to miss. If you wait until the last minute to make those arrangements, you may not have time to shop around and get the best policy and rate. 

When is the ideal time to shop for home insurance? When your offer is accepted. Don’t leave it until the last minute.


notable, quotable... quotes! 


“As long as one keeps searching, the answers come.”

Joan Baez


“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”

Kimberly Johnson


“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” 

Warren Buffett




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