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Whether you’re serious about making a move or just casually looking around, shopping for a new home can be a little like being a kid in a candy store — except your “candy” may be a new dream home!

While it can be exciting, the process can also be stressful. Once you see something you like, you suddenly have to evaluate the property and make a quick decision.

That’s where I can help. Call me if you have any questions about a property you see available on the market. I’d be glad to provide you with all the information and guidance you need.

Remember, it’s my pleasure to help you, even if you’re not thinking of moving right away. I consider it my job to be of service to all my clients, whether they are currently in the midst of buying or selling a home, or just exploring the market to see what’s available.

Give me a call @ 416.450.4330 ... I’m here to help!


Does Your Home Still Match Your Lifestyle?

When you purchased your current home, chances are it was a good match for your lifestyle. It had the space you needed, the features you wanted, and a location that worked for you.

But for most people, lifestyle and needs evolve through theyears. Kids get older. Jobs or careers change. People take on new hobbies and other interests.

As a result, the home that was ideal a few years ago may not fit with your current lifestyle.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to shop for a new home! However, it may mean that it’s worth taking a look at the market and seeing what’s possible.

Think about the kind of home that would support your lifestyle today. Ask questions like:

  • How many bedrooms do we need?
  • How easy is it to travel to work each day?
  • What special features do we want in our home? (Big backyard? Rec room? Quiet neighbourhood?)
  • What do we want nearby? (School? Playground? Walking and biking trails? Shopping? Entertainment? Golf?)
  • What else does our home need in order to support our lifestyle?

After asking yourself some of these key questions, ask other family members for their opinions too.

You may, in fact, find that the property you have now is still ideal for your lifestyle.

If, however, your home is no longer a good fit, you have options. You can stay in your current home despite it no longer being ideal, you can make some changes (a renovation, perhaps), or you can see what’s available in the housing market.

If you need help with any of these options, I'm a simple phone call / text / email away...!

Drive the Neighbourhood

Finding the right home involves more than just finding the right property. The location plays an important role as well. The last thing you want isto be dazzledinto buying what looks like a dream home, only to discover later on that the location makes it inconvenient to get to work, school and other activities.


So when you see a property you like, take a drive around the area. Drive to the local school your kids will be attending. Drive to the highway you take to work. Drive to activities you and your family enjoy, such as golf, movies, and swimming.

By spending some time exploring the area by car, you’ll get a feel for what life is going to be like once you live there.

Putting a Price on Memories

You visit a garage sale on a sunny Saturday morning and find a bicycle that you think would be perfect for your child. You look at the price tagand it’sabouttwice as much as you would expect to pay. When you question the owner, he says, “That bike has a lot of sentimental value for me. I couldn’t let it go for less.”

Chances are, you’ll pass on the bike. The owner sees the bike and happily remembers teaching his daughter to ride it. What you see is just a bike! You can’t buy someone else’s memories.

This scenario sometimes plays itself out in real estate. A homeowner has fond memories of his home. He may have renovated the den himself and is proud of his work. He may delight in memories of family BBQs on the deck.

That doesn’t mean the house will sell for more than its market value.

So when you put your property on the market, make sure emotions don’t get in the way of pricing it properly.

Fortunately, memories will stay with you, even without your house. You’ll be able to happily take them along to your next home.

notable, quotable... quotes!

Do your own thinking. Be the chess player. Not the chess piece.” Ralph Charell


“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.” - Sandara Carey


“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” - Marie Curie 

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