Should You Own a Fire Extinguisher?

You’ve seen fire extinguishers in commercial environments, such as

schools, stores and workplaces. Does it make sense to have one in your


According to the experts, yes. In fact, a fire extinguisher can quickly put out

a blaze that would otherwise quickly grow out of control.

There are several types of fire extinguishers that are made especially for

residential use. That means they put out the most common fires that occur

in the home (Class A, B & K fires), and they are easy to handle and use.

Since most residential fires happen in the kitchen, that’s the best place to

keep your extinguisher. Make sure everyone in your household knows

where it is and how to use it.

Keep in mind that a home fire extinguisher is meant for small fires that are

easy to put out, such as a pan of vegetable oil igniting on the stove. If you

find you can’t control the blaze within a few seconds with the extinguisher,

get everyone out of the home and call the fire department.

Also, never attempt to fight a major fire yourself. Leave that to the


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