Elizabeth Laplante

Elizabeth Laplante

Sales Representative
CENTURY 21 John DeVries Ltd., Brokerage*
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    Ottawa, ON K2L 1V2
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Welcome to Our Nation's Capital!

I am Elizabeth Clarke-Laplante and I am an Ottawa born and raised CENTURY 21® Realtor, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. My personal knowledge of the local area and the local Real Estate market is combined with the power of the CENTURY 21 brand - the most recognized name in Real Estate today.

Let me assist you in finding your dream home, in a neighbourhood that is right for you, and in the price range you want.  Or, if you are interested in selling a property, let MY  marketing skills help to SELL your house.  Contact Me today for a FREE Comparative Market Analysis of your property.

The internet is a powerful marketing tool and having a Realtor that understands this working for you is so important in today's market.  Over 90% of the public will start shopping on the internet.  Whether it be for clothes, appliances, furniture and of course for houses.    If your home does not have a presence on the internet, how can your Buyer see it?  For Sale signs are important and our Gold Post is known, but in the virtual world people want to be able to tour your home from the comfort of theirs.   

With Me, not only will your home have it's own website to showcase it's incredible attributes, but you will have the opportunity to experience my Impeccable Client Services that are known all over the area. 

I look forward to the opportunity of working WITH you!   Contact me today!

Are You Currently Renting?

Do You Feel That Home Ownership is Unattainable?

Give me a call and I can help you to 'Attain the Unattainable'.  If you have a full time job (self-employed or not), I can help you get into your own home.  $800/month is over $150,000 in mortgage.  Pay Yourself First!!!  Stop helping your landlord increase their equity.  I can help you get pre-approved and then find you an affordable home.  The average price of homes in Ottawa has increased 6% a year.  What a Great Investment!  Let's Make Your Home Ownership Fantasy a Reality!!!


My commission is paid by the Seller!  You can shop for FREE.  The Seller pays me for introducing you to their home.  By Working with a Realtor, you will get the best deal possible on your new home even with a BRAND NEW ONE!  The builder pays me too.  I will make sure that your interests are protected.    We will walk through the steps together.  It's my job!!


Century 21 Referrals

I can refer anywhere in the world.  I can find you a Realtor near you to help make your move easier.  Moving from Canada to another country?  I can help.  From one province to another?  I can help.  Give me a call and we can start your new journey.



Can you Afford To Buy?

  You Can't Afford Not to!!!

 There has never been a better time to get your foot on the ladder of home ownership!!!  It's easier than you think.  Purchasing your first home can be such a daunting experience.  Having a patient knowledgeable Realtor on your side makes things so much easier.  Using the services of a Realtor just makes sense.  Did you know that I can get you in to see any home that is on the market? (and sometimes even ones that aren't).  Not only that, typically the Seller pays my commission!!!  I protect your interests and save you both time and money!  Plus, working with me is FUN!  I "Guarantee a Giggle"!!!

    Not sure if you can afford to buy?  Call me 613-266-0641 and I'll connect you with a great mortgage broker that can help.   You may be surprised with how simple it is.  No down payment?  

Using your RRSP's for the down payment on a home

The federal government will allow a tax-free withdrawal from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) as a down payment for first-time home buyers.  Don't have an RRSP....get started with an RRSP loan.  Plan for your future!   You Can't Afford to Wait!! 

Stop paying your Landlord's mortgage and start paying your own. 

Call me today and start building your equity!

My Realtor's Journey

  My decision to become a Realtor came about when I purchased my own home in the 1990s.  I loved the excitement and the rush.  I knew  I could make a difference for people and love to help find the perfect home!

I have always been a go-getter.  When my children were born, it was very important to my husband and I that one of us be at home.  So, I stayed home to raise my children and opened up a home daycare.  I had 5 children in my care full time and ran the daycare for 8 years.  This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life by helping to raise children.  (One of my toughest jobs as well.)  My childcare services were known all over the area and I was constantly turning people away that wanted to bring their children to me since my families tended to stay with me until their children no longer needed care.  This career choice certainly has given me patience and taught me how to guide people and work with others. 

   As you can imagine, my life began to revolve around children.  I then decided that I would like to get out of the house a few nights a week.  At that point I joined an at home party sales company.  I became a Branch Manager within my first 18 months and climbed to the top 10% of the sales force.  I then began training and helping new salespeople.   By that time I was doing over 150 parties a year.  I knew that if I could climb to the top in home party plan, that there would be no stopping me in Real Estate.  Now that my children were in school full-time, it was time to move on.  I closed my daycare doors for good and began taking the Real Estate Courses from the Ontario Real Estate College.

    I was on my way!  I got my licence, joined Century 21 and was off!  My first year I was Rookie of the Year for Century 21 John DeVries Ltd and my Second Year I was awarded the Masters Silver Award from Century 21.    My superior Customer Service translates into more sales and extremely happy clientel.    My marketing background allows me to constantly come up with new innovative ideas.  Let me help you with your real estate needs.  Call me today.



Interest Rates are still at an All-Time low!

It's a great time to purchase, invest or move up to that dream home that you've always wanted!   

Buying or Selling your biggest asset is a tough thing to do.  It helps to have an experienced Realtor (especially an experienced negotiator on your side).  Choosing a Realtor can be tough. 

Here are '21 Questions' to help you decide if Elizabeth is the right fit for you: 

  1. Do you want a Licensed, Experienced, Award Winning Realtor?
  2. Do you want a Realtor that lives in Ottawa and knows the city well?
  3. Do you want a Realtor thatunderstands the Internet?
  4. Do you want a Realtor that "Thinks outside the box"?
  5. Do you want a Realtor with Strong Negotiating Skills?
  6. Do you want a Realtor that is involved with Social Networking? (Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, Linked, etc)
  7. Do you want a Realtor that is creative?
  8. Do you want a Realtor with strong marketing skills?
  9. Do you want a Realtor with fresh ideas?
  10. Do you want a Realtor that will give your home it's Own Dedicated Website? (www.youraddress.com)
  11. Do you want a Realtor that is Calming and easy to work with that will listen?
  12. Do you want a Realtor that is Understanding and will work with you?
  13. Do you want a Realtor that cares and has your better interests at heart?
  14. Do you want a Realtor that willput 21 high quality photos on your house listing? (Century21 is the only company that has 'Showcase 21')
  15. Do you want a Realtor that can offer Airmiles? (Century21 is the only company that does)
  16. Do you want a Realtor that Offer you a Service Pledge? (Guarantees that you will be satisfied with our services)
  17. Do you want a Realtor that can advertise on over 8,000 websites?
  18. Do you want a Realtor that can market themselves?
  19. Do you want a Realtor that has a great website to showcase your home?
  20. Do you want a Realtor that can work well under pressure and has a great sense of humour?
  21. Do you want a Realtor that knows how to network?

Then, you want Elizabeth!




Should you call Elizabeth? These clients did!

It's a hard decision to find a good Realtor.  Why should you call Elizabeth?  Here's what some of her Client's have to say about her services:

"I have no hesitation in personally recommending Elizabeth (Liz) Laplante to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling real estate. Liz exudes confidence and trust, and you know you are in good hands. She is thoroughly professional and dedicated to getting the best deal for her clients, and regularly goes out of her way to produce the absolute best results. In my recent situation; Liz was dealing with an inexperienced purchaser, who was continually asking questions - some of which should have been directed to their own appraiser. This was extremely frustrating, however; Liz remained calm and respectful to the end. I am convinced the purchaser maintained their desire to buy my property due to their interactions with Liz. What I particularly liked about the service that Liz provides, is her down to earth, no nonsense approach. She will tell it as it is - and gives you an honest answer. In addition Liz is kind and understanding, though tough when she needs to be. This is something I find sadly lacking in other professional service providers. She is an excellent listener and gives very wise and useful advice. Keep up the good work Liz - I will call you next time I am in need of real estate services. Thank you."   - O.B. 

Elizabeth Laplante was my Realtor as a first-time home buyer.
I was very particular in what I wanted in a home and also very
nervous as I had not undertaken anything this big before on my own.
We searched high and low keeping within the strict criteria I had for my
house. My flexibility was minimal yet Elizabeth and I kept on and never
lost track of the objecitves at hand, visiting numerous houses all within the
city districts that appealed to me most.

Elizabeth worked very hard for me and often went beyond the call of duty.
I know there are many realtors out there and it is a very competitive
business, especially in the Nation's Capital but not once did I ever feel second
class or neglected in any way. In fact, I often thought she may stray from me as
a client but she never did and to this day, I appreciate her patience,
optimism and her persistency. It's the reason I am now living happily in a house and neighbourhood I really like for a multitude of reasons.

We have kept in touch since the purchase of my new home and I am
proud to say we have become good friends and for that I will be forever

I would stongly  recommend Elizabeth Laplante as a realtor to a friend
and/or family member. - S.S.G

Liz helped us sell our house when we moved from Ottawa.   Since we had already moved, she helped us to take care the house and communicated with us frequently to let us know what was happening. With her hard work and great patience, our house was sold at the our expected price. Thank you Liz for all your help, we miss you.  - J.X.
My husband and I had very specific needs when searching for our second home and had a very wide search raidius within Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Elizabeth wasted no time in finding different houses for us to look at and spent many hours on the road or in the office with us putting bids on houses or just driving to look at houses. She took the time to get to know us in an effort to make her job easier and our working relationship better. She was always very professional and honest with us. Thanks to Liz we have a home that we we will be able to call our permanent home for many years in a great area. It was our pleasure working with her and we have been more then willing to refer her services to our friends, family and acquaintances.  - E.R.
Working with Liz was the BEST experience ever. It seemed as though we were the only clients she was working with at the time, even though I know we were not. It was the personal touch she added that made us feel that way, and she did it with the utmost professionalism. I feel that we would not have had the same experience with any other real estate agent. I recommend her at every opportunity available. Liz made it so easy for us to narrow down the search for exactly what we were looking for, in a very efficient manner. Given her family background in trades, the knowledge she brought while looking at homes was wonderful because we did not really know what problems to look for. We cannot thank you enough!!" Call Elizabeth today if you are looking for 'the Personal Touch'!!! - S.C.
Liz is a very hard worker she takes time and effort to find the perfect house for you. She takes pride in what she does and treats you as if you are very important.
I recommend Liz to all my friends and colleagues.
I am planning to sell my Condo within the next six months and She will be the one I call.
Thank You Liz for everything , you are the Best....  -D.C
Elizabeth is a very hard worker she takes time and effort to find the house that suits your needs. She takes pride in what she does and treats everyone equally.   It was a honour and priviledge too have Liz by my side too help me with finding my house. I will look forward and most definately pass her name on to my friends and colleagues in the future too use her services.
Thank You Liz for everything - M.J.

Property Listings

106 Tanguay Court, Kanata, ON K2L 3W7
Beds: 2 / Baths: 2

CENTURY 21® Awards

* CENTURY 21 Awards Criteria
  • 2016 - Masters Silver
  • 2015 - Masters Silver
  • 2014 - Masters Silver
  • 2013 - Masters Silver
  • 2012 - Masters Ruby
  • 2011 - Masters Ruby
  • 2010 - Masters Silver
  • 2007 - Masters Silver
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