“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.” - Lionel Hampton

Holy Crazy Busy Batman!!!

2011 is looking like it will be MY PERSONAL BEST year in Real Estate so far!  The city is crawling with people looking to move this year!  First-time Buyers, Investors, People Up-Sizing, People Down-sizing, Single People,  Friends Investing Together, Couples, Newly not a Couple :)

I have just completed my fifth year as a Licensed Realtor!  My 5th Anniversary just passed.  I am so happy to have made the decision to step up to the plate and fulfill my dreams.  I had wanted to be a Realtor for years and was waiting for the right time to launch my career! 

Reflecting on the past five years is a myriad of emotions.  Happiness, Frustration, Joy, Anger, Empathy, Love, Heartache but most of all is GRATITUDE.  I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life and have enjoyed my time with each and everyone of my clients (some more than others). ;)   I have acted as Mentor, Marriage Councillor, Financial Consultant, Therapist but in the end I have become Friend

I have realized that life is not always easy, nor is business.  I have realized that I can't take things personally.  I have realized that I can't please everyone no matter what I do.  I can offer to give the world to someone on a silver platter and it still won't fill their void and make them happy.  I have discovered that I can't change the world just because I care.  I have discovered that I can change lives for the better and have learned that my family is comprised of a whole bunch of strangers that I have learned extraordinary lessons from and have bonded with closer than any family could.

For all of this, I am incredibly humbled.  I thank  each and every one of my clients for the laughs, tears and excitement that you have brought into my life!  I couldn't be the Realtor that I am without you! 

Please keep the referrals coming!  I am NEVER too busy to help out!  Let's make our family even Bigger!





Elizabeth Laplante

Elizabeth Laplante

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