Happy 10-10-10!

Ahhhh Autumn!!  What a gorgeous time of year in the Ottawa area.  The Fabulous Colours of Fall!!  The trees are turning and I am once again in Awe of the power of Mother Nature!

Happy Turkey Day to all my fellow Canadians...enjoy that blissful tired Turkey evening tonight :)

Today is an extra lucky day for alot of people.  There is an extraordinary number of weddings today in Toronto.  10-10-10 are lucky numbers in the Chinese culture.  The number 10 is perfection.  Read more about some of the couples getting married.  Apparently the Binary Code 101010 is equal to 42 and once again perfection.

So whether you have Chinese Culture in your life, or computer programming, today is an Extra Special Day!!  So, kick back and enjoy if you're not cooking a big meal today.  Take a walk and check out the colours.  Make a wish on this magical day!  Enjoy this once in a Century Day!

Happy Gobble Gobble Day to you and yours :)


Elizabeth Laplante

Elizabeth Laplante

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