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     My friend / colleague  Allison McBrine is a Mortgage Broker here in Ottawa.  I have known her for more than a decade and have been part of her life through many trials and tribulations.  Not only is she a great Mortgage Broker, but she has a huge heart, looking out for the better interest of her clients and willing to lend a hand to those in need.

     A couple of years ago she lost her beloved Mom.  Her mother was diagnosed with Cancer and a short few weeks later passed on.  This blog is not about sadness, this is about a person using their loss and sorrow in a better way.  Allison has been part of The Butterfly of Hope Team for years (to help end Women's Cancer's).  She is a fundraiser extraordinaire.  She has thrown parties, raffles, held different at home parties to raise funds for the cure.  This year, She is part of Alice's Angels walking in the Epic Walk for Women's Cancers.

    When you are raised by a Woman that has such drive and compassion, it's hard not to have some of that selflessness enter your DNA.  This brings me to the important part of my blog today!

(Before)                                                 (A short time ago)

Meet Alex Mallette.  This is Allison's youngest child.

Two years ago, Alex's Grandmother (Allison's beloved Mother) was diagnosed with Cancer and succumbed to the disease within a few short weeks.  Alex started to grow his hair at that point with the plan to grow it long enough to donate it to make a wig for those fighting this horrible disease.

He also wants to raise some funds for the Cure.  He has decided to sell tickets $10 each and the winner of the draw will be the one to cut his hair off!!!!!  What a fantastic idea.  In Alex's own words,

"Tired of all of those people with Long hair?? Well here is your chance to get back at all those "long haired hippies"!!

On May 17th, if you have the winning can chop of my long locks!!

Now remember...this will be help in so many ways.....first, you get to cut my hair.....2nd.....the hair will be donated to the Cancer Centre to be made into a wig for Cancer patients and also....the money raised will be donated to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation benefiting the Queensway Carleton Hospi...tal and the MapleSoft Centre.

2 years ago, my Grandmother was diagnosed with Cancer. I watched as a woman who was a very big part of my life go from a stong, energetic woman to a frail lady breathing her last breath in 20 days!

I vowed then and there to do something to make a difference.....I started growing my hair then and there.

It's taken me two years, but my hair is now ready to be, let's make difference.

Buy a ticket( I will send you your ticket number) and sharpen the scissors.....let's CUT CANCER!!"
To Help Alex in his quest (and to make this as profitable as we can for Cancer), please go to the Event and sign up.  Message for tickets and donate some money.
To Help Allison Achieve her fundraising goal, go to Her Fundraising Site and read her story and help as generously as you can!  Remember, every penny counts!
It's people like Allison and her Fabulous Family (son Alex included) that make the changes in our world!  Remember that we can make a difference!



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