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I wanted to share this experience.  I had the awesome opportunity to meet a wonderful couple with different beliefs than I. 

Different beliefs.  Hmmmmm.  Different upbringing.  Different country of origin.  Different religious beliefs...  Although we have the same HUMANITY beliefs. 

I met this wonderful couple. Married for a long time.  Respectful of each other, respectful of each other's limitations and gifts. 

Our first meeting was respectful, honest but apprehensive (as first meetings are).   Our second meeting was more of the same. 

Then, they called and wanted me to list their home.   He would be out of country for this trying time in their family dynamics.  He asked me to make sure that I guided his wife and helped her through this. 

The heartfelt comment was not lost on me.  I fully understood that he was entrusting me to help and protect their better interests. 

He said that she would be alone.  I know they have a large community circle.   I suggested that they have many around them.   His response was that she won't accept help from anyone.

I looked at her and asked if she helps others.   She replied that YES, she was always there for the community and helped out all the time. 

I looked at her, touched her shoulder, and said,  'When you offer help, it is a gift.  Your time,  your effort,  it's a gift to someone'  She agreed.   I furthered it by saying that it feels really good to give a gift and have someone appreciate your help. 

I then said, 'I learned a long time ago that receiving a gift is giving a gift'

Acknowledging a gift from someone is giving the gift of gratitude and acceptance.   So, sometimes in this world, we have to swallow our pride and accept the gift. 

In this, we are giving back to that person that is giving to us. 

In hindsight, I had the realization that I gave a gift to her in trust and sharing,  but she in turn gave me one back by saying 'I never thought of it that way'. 

When we were young, we were asked 'What are the magic words?'.  PLEASE when asking for something, but THANK YOU when given something.   The MAGIC though is in giving and receiving. 

So, remember that the smallest gesture is a gift. That person thought of you and/or your family.  Show gratitude and let down your guard sometimes.  That can be the biggest gift that YOU can give someone

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