Oops.....They did it again!!!

So, I get to swallow some crow....

I can't believe that the Bank of Canada has dropped their rate AGAIN!!!!  So now it's at 0.25%!!!  Don't be the somebody that said "I should have bought in 2009!!!  Rates were never lower and it was the best time in history to buy a home!"   Read on to see my last post and all of the government incentives that are being offered for 2009!!!


I get asked this on a daily basis. 

'So, Liz, how's Real Estate?  It must be slow with this economy, right?' 

NO, NO, NO!!!  A resounding NO!  There has NEVER been a better time to BUY or SELL your home!!!! 

First Time Buyers are fueling the fire.   The lowest interest rates EVER!!  If you're thinking about Buying soon get pre-approved NOW!  Lock-in these amazing rates.  The Bank of Canada rate is 0.5%!!! 

  How much lower do you think it will get?  Get in there today!!! 

No Money Down, using your RRSPs for down payment, getting a RRSP loan to use your RRSP for down payment (this ends up being FREE money since you will receive a sizeable tax refund), Land Transfer Tax refund (up to $2000) and closing costs tax deduction.  Take advantage of this time.  It's UNBELIEVABLE the incentives out there!  The government incentives end February 2010.



                                                           So Now,

What do you think the first time buyers will be buying?


If every home owner sits on the fence wondering 'Is this the time to sell my House?' then there will be nothing for them to buy.  This is a great time to consider upgrading from your current house.    Did you always want to live in a certain area?  Did you always wish you had that yard?  The ensuite bath?  The Garage?  Are you ready to downsize?  What are you waiting for?  Don't feed into the news reports about other Canadian cities and think that Ottawa prices are plummeting.  They aren't.  We declined in some parts of the city and increased in others.  Overall we still have one of the best cities for Real Estate in Canada.  Think about it.  The rest of the city will clue in to what I am saying by August/September.   Most Buyers are looking now!  Let's get your home marketed while there is little competition out there. 

                                                           Makes sense doesn't it? 

If your home isn't there for Buyers to see, then how can we make your 'Dream Home Fantasy Become a Reality'?

Take advantage of this 'Golden Opportunity' today!!!  Call me for a Free Market Evaluation for your property and let's get started.  Be a part of refueling Ottawa's economy! 

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