Use FREE Money to Buy your First House and get off of the Renter's Roller coaster!

    So, now that I have your attention, it's true!  FREE MONEY!!!  Have you always wanted to buy a house, but thought saving for the down payment was too difficult?  FREE MONEY to help with your down payment and closing costs is out there, you just have to know how to find it!


The easiest way to save for a Down Payment is to use your RRSPs!!!  Don't have RRSPs????  Then contact your bank and make arrangements for an RRSP loan.  You'd be surprised on how easy it is and how quickly it starts building for you.  I call it forced savings.  Then, when you get your income tax return, you have FREE MONEY to use for your closing costs!!!  So, simple.  If you do have an RRSP and need to 'top it up', this is also a great way to increase your down payment.  You must have the money in the RRSP for 90 days before closing to qualify.

Click Here to find out more about the Home Buyer's Plan.

RRSP deadline is March 1st, 2013 for the 2012 tax year!!!  Don't make this the year that you should have bought your first home!!  Get off the Renter's Ride and start building your future!  The increase in value of your home has historically in the past 20 years been more than the interest rate that you will have on your Mortgage!!  It's a win-win.

Call me today and let's get shopping!!!!!  Don't wait.   At the end of 2013, you can look at your life and say 'I  need to save more.' or you can say 'Wow, my house went up in value and I built up some equity!!!'  Which sentence is the right one for you????? 

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