Why Should I Use a Full Service Brokerage When I Can List For Less?


     There are quite a few reasons to use a Full Service Realtor as opposed to a Discount Realtor.  By now you've seen what I can do for you and how I market my Listings.  I work hard for you to get the best possible price for your home.  I am an experienced agent that can protect you when you Buy or Sell the biggest assets of your lifetime.  When a Realtor lists your home to be marketed on the MLS, we agree to pay from the commission charged, a fee to co-operating brokerages.  This means that the any agents working with your  Buyers will be paid from the proceeds of the sale (included in the listing commission).  Therefore, if you list with a discount brokerage, you will still have to pay the co-operating brokerage. 

      So, in a scenario of a $200,000 home, the typical listing commission is 5% or $10,000 (Plus HST).  Half goes to the Listing Brokerage and Half goes to the Buyer's Brokerage. (Then this is split again between the Realtor and the Brokerage).  If you list your home with a discounted brokerage, you still will have to pay 2.5%  {$5000 + HST} (or a negotiated amount).    Now, when you list with a Full Service Brokerage, a professional is Marketing your home, Guiding in Negotiating the offer,  Running the Open Houses,  Printing and Designing the Marketing Materials, Designing and Updating the Websites,  Writing  the Contracts,   Showing and Showcasing your Home, Following Up with Buyers viewing your home and are INSURED.  When you list with a Discount Brokerage,  they will put your listing on the MLS and you are responsible for the rest.

      Who do you go to for advice?  Do you pay a lawyer to look at the documents EVERYTIME you receive an offer?  When someone wants to see your home at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, do you come home from work to show it?  (Keep in mind that Buyers are looking at other homes in the area and don't want to have to make another appointment.  If they can't see your house today, they probably won't wait to see it next week - they'll just look at the next one.)

     The frustration of doing something that you are not trained in when emotions are involved is worth the extra Commission.  (Besides, the Buyer is paying the commission since it's coming from the Proceeds of the Sale).



     Listing with a Realtor that is working for you just makes a whole lot of 'Cents'!

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