There are dozens of ways to make your property more enticing to

potential buyers. For example, you can invest in getting your home

professionally “staged”, which involves making it look a little like a

model home. Or, you can do a major renovation to improve your

home‘s look and value.

But what if you don’t have a lot of time and are on a limited

budget? What can you do today to make your home irresistible to

buyers tomorrow? Here are some ideas:

1. Paint

It doesn’t cost much to paint key areas of your home, like the foyer,

kitchen or master bedroom. Yet the impression it makes on buyers

is significant. In fact, compared to most other types of home

improvement projects, painting gives you the highest payback

when you sell.

2. Create space

Homes naturally get cluttered over the years. Even a double car

garage can seem claustrophobic if there are a lot of boxes,

equipment and other items stored in it. Go through each room of

your home and do a major decluttering. It will make your property

seem more attractive and, when you sell, make moving easier too!

3. Clean and tidy

Obviously, you’re going to make sure your home is clean for

viewings. But you’d be surprised what a homeowner can miss and

a buyer notices. Closets, laundry rooms, side yard, basement

furnace room and all other nooks and crannies should be as tidy

and clean as possible.

4. Roll out the red carpet

Not an actual red carpet! But you do want the entrance way to your

front door and into the foyer to make the best impression possible.

After all, those are the areas that a buyer sees first. Make sure

walkways are clear and clean. Ensure that when a buyer opens the

front door and walks in, the impression he or she gets is that of a

great looking place to live.

These four tips don’t take much time or money to implement. Yet,

they can all help make your home even more irresistible to buyers

than it is today.

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Elizabeth Warberg

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