When is it a GOOD time To Sell?

When is it a good time to sell my home? We Realtors are asked this all the time. And although it sounds like it would be a simple answer it isn't always that straight forward...it depends on many things.

1) Market: is the market up or down for real estate. If it is down that is when you want to buy. If the market is very active that is a great time to sell. If it is neither noticeably up or down we call this a balanced market and that can also be a good time to sell or buy.

2) Condition: Before you sell make sure your home is READY for the market. If it needs more work you would be wise to take the extra time and spend the extra money to get it ready to sell first. Today's buyers are savvy shoppers and they want a house in very good condition and nicely updated. If yours is not updated spend the money to update. It will pay off depending on what updates you do and your Realtor can help you figure that out. If you do the right updates you usually will see a return of 3 times the cost of the update...a 300 percent return is ALWAYS worthwhile!!!

3) The season: Yes although some Realtors may argue that anytime is a good time to sell the truth is it is not. Not many buyers want to move in the middle of December or January either for that matter. Yes, some buyers will move anytime...if they have to. But in all honesty you will see a greater number of buyers in the spring, summer and fall than in the winter. And greater numbers of buyers usually equates to greater selling price. But just remember, if you don't have a choice and your house is priced right and in great condition and a super location it WILL still sell no matter when you list it!!

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