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Montréal, QC

Montreal (French: Montréal) pronounced [montre'al]  , is the second-largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec. Originally called Ville-Marie, or "City of Mary", the city takes its present name from Mont-Royal, the triple-peaked hill located in the heart of the city, whose name was also initially given to the island on which the city is located,[ or Mont Réal as it was spelled in Middle French (Mont Royal in present French).

As of July 2009, Statistics Canada identifies Montreal's Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) (land area 4,259 square kilometres (1,644 sq mi)) as Canada's second most populous with a population of 1,906,811 in the city and metropolitan area population of 3,814,700.

The most spoken language at home in the city is French by 56.9% of the population, followed by English at 18.6% (as of 2006 census).The official language of Montreal is French as defined by the city's charter. Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris. Although a few francophone African cities are bigger in size, notably Kinshasa, and Abidjan, these cities have fewer mother-tongue French speakers.

Montreal is consistently rated as one of the world's most livable cities, was called "Canada's Cultural Capital" by Monocle Magazine and recently was named a UNESCO City of Design.  Today it is as an important centre of commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, culture, tourism, film and world affairs.

In 2010, Montreal was named a hub city, ranked 34th globally out of 289 cities for innovation across multiple sectors of the urban economy, in the Innovation Cities Index by 2thinknow[.Montreal was the next Canadian city in the annual index behind nexus city Toronto in 12th place and ahead of fellow hub cities Calgary, Quebec City, Vancouver and Edmonton.In 2009, Montreal was named North America's number one host city for international association events, according to the 2009 preliminary rankings of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

Montreal in summer is second to none among cities of the world, it is the capital of festivals, the biggest of which being the renowned Jazz and Just for Laugh. Visitors are happy to find a definite european flavor to this big and friendly North American city

Local Attractions

Blog Posts About: Local Attractions
Montreal has the hottest festivals in the summer in Canada. Looking to invest  in a fabulous city with european flair .Let's talk     Read More...
Posted by Timothy McGuigan on 2014-04-17
Soft, leafy herbs like chives, parsley, mint, cilantro, tarragon, oregano, and lemon balm can do quite well in slightly shadier spots (though tread lightly with basil and dill, which are soft-leaved, but require full sun). If you have a tiny window ledge (or, dare we suggest, the tiniest edge of a fire escape), consider potting up a few of these herbs to enjoy all summer long. If you don't ... Read More...
Posted by Desiree Ofter on 2014-03-11

Construction and Expansion

 Griffin Town and  Ville Marie(Downtown) south  adjacent to Old Montreal.


The Lachine Canal developments (Condos)  in St Henri(Sud Ouest) and Pointe St- Charles.

The CHUM  (New French language Super Hospital) in  China Town  adjacent to the Old Montreal.

The McGill Super Hospital in the  Glen Yards, a major development  in Notre Dame de Grace (Bourough of Montreal), City of Westmount  and  St Henri and Cote St Paul(bouroughs of Montral)

The Westmount recreation  centre,(Underground hockey rinks , pool etc..) first of its kind  in the City of Westmount.   

Blog Posts About: Construction and Expansion
According to its most recent quarterly analysis, the Altus Group considers that the new condominium market is performing relatively well in downtown Montréal. In fact, results show that demand has remained strong during the past year despite the growing supply of new condominiums in the city. Altus Group recorded a total of 1,550 new condo sales in downtown Montréal in 2013. However, ... Read More...
Posted by Desiree Ofter on 2014-04-01
If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you want to update the look, increase resale value, add functionality, amenities and storage or a combination of all or some of these. Simple enough. The first step is deciding which level of remodeling is right for you. Let’s take a look at three different cost ranges for bathroom remodels and common materials and finishes for each.      Read More...
Posted by Desiree Ofter on 2014-03-09

Community Events

The Grand Prix of Canada  June 2013.


The Montreal International Jazz Festival 2013 in the Quartier Des Spectacles.


The International Film Festival 2013  



Blog Posts About: Community Events
At some point, a client may contact you after purchasing a property to inform you that he or she has discovered a problem with the building that he did not know about previously. The sale of a property normally includes a warranty as to the quality of the building, unless specifically indicated otherwise, such as a sale without legal warranty at the buyer's risk and peril. However, a sale without legal ... Read More...
Posted by Robert Clark on 2014-02-11
May 17th, 2013 and May 18th, 2013 - more information to come, but here is a hint - Powell Trudeau!   Read More...
Posted by Joan McGuigan on 2013-05-06

Family & Kids

Biodome in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

The Botanical Gardens in Hochelaga -Maisonneuve


The Olympic Park in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve


The Insectarium in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve


La Ronde  Ile Ste -Helene 


Parc Jean Drapeau Ile Ste-Helene


The Bell Centre   in Ville Marie(Downtown Montreal) hockey , concerts and shows


Saputo Stadium(  soccer) in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve  .


Molson Stadium( the Montreal Alouettes footbal) Ville Marie Downtown Montreal

Blog Posts About: Family & Kids
              In2013, the network of CENTURY21 Canada have exceed the amount of 500 000$ in donation to the society “Easter seals ₺.This amount will pay a summer camp for 245 kids. This charity organisation, called “Easter seals”, sponsored by Century 21 Canada, help to bring the amount of money needed to send handicapped ... Read More...
Posted by André Charbonneau on 2014-04-17
Scribd's New eBook Buffet Scribd (pronounced by many as "SKRIB-dee") has finally thrown its hat in the ring as the next all-you-can-eat option for eBook readers. Billing itself as "Read unlimited eBooks for $8.99/month," the service is one of many looking to become the "Netflix of books." (You've probably noticed "Becoming the Netflix" of something is a pretty common form of disruptive start-up ... Read More...
Posted by Patricia McIntyre on 2014-04-07

Parks & Recreation

Blog Posts About: Parks & Recreation
Westmount Park's pond looked pretty refreshing even way back in 1916! Read More...
Posted by Joan McGuigan on 2013-07-22

Market Reports and Conditions

Blog Posts About: Market Reports and Conditions
The net, also call internet or cyberspace, is a big interface that helps us display information to an audience from worldwide, to have a quick access to information and to take contact more instantly with the public. This exceptional marketing tool is great for a powerful appearance on the market. The Century21’s brokers can offer you an incredible visibility on the internet with their formation ... Read More...
Posted by André Charbonneau on 2014-04-17
From an article in The Gazette, sponsored by CIBC called“investing for the future, the fine art of properly managing your home away from home” “Many homeowners reach a stage in life where a second property seems like a great investment.” says The Gazette. For some of those, now is the time. 1. Type of second property Maybe it’s going to be a vacation home or a plex ... Read More...
Posted by André Charbonneau on 2014-04-14

Restaurants / Bars / Coffee Houses

TOWN OF MOUNT ROYAL is full of hidden gems. A must-try resto is Pizzaiolle. Their wood oven pizza is worth moving into town for ;) Read More...
Posted by L'équipe Crown on 2013-02-22
DUPLEX for SALE in Lachine once a cottage this property is over 11,000sq ft with a double garage and in the heart of Lachine Canal  contact me or and I can always be reached by phone 514-241-2728 Read More...
Posted by Patrick Robert on 2012-11-06

Schools & Universities

Blog Posts About: Schools & Universities
MLS 9596172 Beautiful 3 1/2 Condo a must see!  Walk to Metro,  Atwater Market and Canal. Close to Universities. Why pay taxes?! Welcome. Read More...
Posted by Nina Paluch on 2013-03-23


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  Do you wish you had more space in your home? The time for spring cleaning is here, even though it may feel like January outside today. Here are a few expert tricks to add more storage and living space to your home.   1. Clear the floors - trick your eyes by removing pieces off of the floor so that you can see more of your square footage! 2. Keep windows clear - do not obstruct ... Read More...
Posted by Joan McGuigan on 2013-04-12
This 1 bedroom Condo is within walking distance to the Metro station which takes you within minutes to downtown.  Walk to Atwater Market or use the bicycle path at the Lachine Canal and go to Old Montreal. Perfect for first time buyers or those who want to enjoy Montreal Summers! Read More...
Posted by Nina Paluch on 2012-01-27

Sports & Activities

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Morning Why not start your itinerary à deux at the Olympic Park, the site of the ’76 Olympics? Drink in a spectacular view of the city from the Montréal Tower, the tallest inclined tower in the world. Then, sashay over to play with some monkeys and penguins in the adjacent Biodôme, home to five of the most beautiful ecosystems in the Americas: Tropical Forest, ... Read More...
Posted by Timothy McGuigan on 2013-07-12
Posted by Timothy McGuigan on 2013-07-04
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