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From the article: “Wanna effectively serve Generation Next homebuyers? Learn to speak digital”, from the author Bernice Ross ( inman.com)

In this article, Ms Ross identified different ways to communicate more productively with young buyers. She is telling us that the real estate conversation of today has shifted dramatically from the past.

1. Texting is a different language

“According to Pigman (a study), 24 percent of today’s buyers and sellers would like to conduct their transaction entirely by text messaging. Texting is really a mix of short verbal messages coupled with links to pictures and/or videos. It requires an entirely different way of thinking about how you communicate”

You can still keep your words professional, you don’t have to adopt the “teenager language”, you will still speak with young adult. Don’t forget that.

2. More pictures, fewer words

Most buyers pay more attention to pictures than the text. You will have to put more pictures, in a better quality because they are going to relied on that to decide if they will visit or not the property.

“Speaking digital requires you to be fluent in presenting your message in a visual format. This means your pictures and videos are almost always more important than any text you may write”

3. Speaking digital demands immediacy

Ms.Ross says that if your don’t reply within a few minutes, the lead is gone. We don’t think that’s 100% true. Young buyers want a fast answer, within the first 2 hours, and then the lead is gone. You will have to reply very fast that’s for sure but if they choose to call you, they can wait a few hours, then they gonna think you won’t answer or will call other agents and they are going to choose the ones who will answer fast (within 2 hours). You will have to be quick for phone calls, text messages and e-mails.

4. For those who speak digital, a phone call is akin to a 911 call

Young buyers will disconnect fact if they hear a caller menu. They want to speak with somebody. If they call, that means they are very interested.


5. Add QR codes to your publicities

The QR code helps the customers get to the online site of the properties you are showing. Young buyers are always going to look the picture and information’s on internet before moving the see the house.

6. Make a good presence on the internet

Make sure to have a well-done website, with lots of info, so people can learn about you on the internet. Add pictures and clear info on what services you offer. Don’t forget an easy-to-find “contact-me” button.

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