I went to the store recently to purchase a gift for a child’s birthday. I found an adorable personalized gift that would be perfect for Sara, but the display only showed the item with “Sarah”—with an “h”—on it. As I prepared to leave the store, disappointed that I hadn’t found what I was looking for, the shop clerk asked if she could help me find something. I explained that they had exactly what I was looking for, but with the wrong spelling. The clerk smiled and told me that she did have one with “Sara” in the back; she had sold the display one earlier and hadn’t had a chance to bring another one out.

This experience reminded me that when a question isn’t asked, the answer will always be no. How many things have I walked away from because I assumed I couldn’t get what I needed? What would happen if I asked for what I needed, knowing the answer could be no, but might also be yes?

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