Indian summer 2013

Well we all know the summer wasn't much to jump up and down about.  Too much rain!   Well, autumn certainly has made up for anything that summer did not live up to!  The last few weeks have been gorgeous to say the least.  Certainly nice to be out in the warm sun when preparing your home for winter and finishing up those projects that didn't quite get finished during the summer!  I know it has been great for me, since I am in the middle of 2 major renovations. 

What better time to update photos of the properties listed for sale also?  The leaves have started to come down a bit now with the wind and rain that came in quickly the other day.  Thankfully the photographers were busy and got most of the work done in time!  I think the nice weather has helped with sales too because the market has been active!  Everyone wants to get into their new homes before the holidays!