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Market Update 2nd Quarter 2014

Market update 2014   <====== Click here

Montreal's own Housing Subsidy Program

  The city of Montreal is creating its own housing subsidy program to replace several that were suspended abruptly last month, but grants to renovate and purchase homes will only be half as generous as those offered in the past. The city announced in mid-July that applications for grants under Rénovation Quebec that gave applicable families money to subsidize home renovations, foundation ...

Quality pictures

Quality is not synonymous with artificial! A good picture of the inside of a condo. Like many of my colleagues, I use the services of a photographer to enhance the attractiveness of the properties that I am responsible for marketing. Most professional photographers use a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range), which gives a similar finish to what the human eye perceives. Unfortunately, some photographers ...

10 Things to Devalue your Home !!!

Top 10 Things You Can do to Devalue Your Home Sometimes, making an improvement to your home could actually hurt you when you try to sell it. Here are the top 10 home improvements that can make your home harder to sell: 1. Kitchen Renovation. Any renovation of a kitchen that is too taste-specific or extreme in design. For example, a kitchen equipped with a restaurant-level stove or multiple ...

Why I will be your Real Estate Broker

Why I will be your real estate broker, Everyday I live and breathe the business, not many people can say this but I absolutely love what I do. Building relationships with the people I work with and work for is by far the most important aspect of the business to me. I respect what the client says and will always give my opinion no matter what the effect of what I say may bring with it, because in the ...

Prices More Than Doubled in Québec Between 2000 and 2010

Residential real estate prices more than doubled in Québec between 2000 and 2010. Camille Laberge, an economist at the Québec Federation of Real Estate Boards, explains why and compares Québec’s situation with that of other Canadian provinces.    

Why I love living in the old port of Montreal

A village within the big city, why do I love living in the old port of Montreal, Living here is like a flashback in history except the amenities have changed a bit. I've seen such a change in the last five years in this area, now with much more flare and life. You've only really spent time here on those hot summer days or spent beautiful nights eating out at one of the many great restaurants. But ...

Lowering your Hydro Bill

10 Ways to Save on Your Hydro Bill Now Living green is easy—and cheap! So if you want to lower your hydro bill and contribute to the health of the environment, read on! 1. Cooking Inefficient cooking practices can be a huge energy waster! Be a bit more conservative by keeping a lid on pots while boiling and simmering. Use the toaster oven rather than the electric oven when cooking small items, ...

Who is buying Condos ???

Recent polls have proven what I’ve noticed all along, that more and more Canadians are choosing condominiums for their home. In some cities 35% of those polled said they were likely to purchase a condo, which is similar to my own client statistics. What demographic is looking at condos as their new home? Just about all walks of life are inclined to do so. First-time home buyers are attracted ...

So Your House Didn't Sell !!!

So, you had your house on the Market and it didn't sell So Frustrating. After you make a very difficult life decision, it's so frustrating when you can't move forward with it.  There are only three major reasons why a home does not sell.      Poor marketing (Some say bad Realtor) Marketing is key to all business.  If no one knows ...