Prepping For a Showing

It's nearly impossible to keep your home in a "show-ready" state day in and day out. In many cases you may find that your home will be shown to a prospective buyer with very little advance notice. Even if you're keeping things as clutter-free as possible, a little preparation for the actual showing is probably in order. Here are some short-term ways to get your home looking and feeling its best. Step 1: Cleaning Frenzy Scrub tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. Thoroughly clean hardwood floors. Vacuum carpets. If time permits, rent a steam cleaner to shampoo carpets, particularly in high traffic areas. Dust all wood furniture, TV screens and computer monitors. Clear counters of all clutter. If time permits, move unnecessary appliances and decorating touches into storage areas. Clear the kitchen sink and counters of all dirty dishes. Pick up all dirty laundry. Avoid over-filling any open air hampers - laundry is better kept out of sight inside your washer or dryer. Remove stains from bathtubs, toilets and sinks.