Prices rise with consumers' confidence.

As confirmed by this article: published on the official website of The Greater Montréal Real Estate Board, prices for real estate in Montréal went up by 1% for single-family houses, 2% for condominium and apartments, and 3% for revenue properties. Combined to the best interest rates seen since 1950 and an economic situation resisting the general crisis overall, this raise in the pricing of properties indicates to investors and residential buyers that it is a safe time to buy real estate. There is no risk for your new properties to lose economic value any soon as we have been witnessing this raise for a few months now.


If you were thinking of buying, remember that the current situation is at your advantage. You will have the privilege and time to negotiate more before closing any transaction, as sellers have less offers to consider before making a decision. Be aware of what is going on in the market, you could catch very good opportunities! Feel free to contact me for any advice, I will be glad to help you.