Quality pictures

Quality is not synonymous with artificial!

A good picture of the inside of a condo.

Like many of my colleagues, I use the services of a photographer to enhance the attractiveness of the properties that I am responsible for marketing.

Most professional photographers use a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range), which gives a similar finish to what the human eye perceives. Unfortunately, some photographers may have a heavy hand on the light and the properties seem to glow in a somewhat artificial light.

You will find this kind of problem on some classifieds websites where photographers overexpose the pictures to make them light in the extreme. Disappointment at the visit is often very important.

A HDR photography should allow the virtual visitor to see the property without getting the wrong idea about it.

In the picture above you can see that the light from outside. Nothing is too exposed but the visitor can really see all the details of the room. Here is a successful HDR photography. It sets the property value without giving an artificial appearance.

I want to thank Dominic, photographer at Graphic ID for the consistent quality of his work over the years.