So Your House Didn't Sell !!!

So, you had your house on the Market and it didn't sell

So Frustrating.

After you make a very difficult life decision, it's so frustrating when you can't move forward with it.  There are only three major reasons why a home does not sell.


   Poor marketing (Some say bad Realtor)

Marketing is key to all business.  If no one knows your product they won't know what to buy.  This is the same for real estate.  Marketing your home to as many potential buyers as possible will help sell your home fast.  


 Over-priced  (Under-priced will sell)

If your house is priced over market value, you won't get any offers.  Houses that sell above market value usually have features that are above average.


  Condition issues

Can't sell a house with foundation problems. It's best to fix any major flaws now before your home has the For Sale sign.   If that is not possible, we need to discuss your options.


The possibilities are endless.