Why I love living in the old port of Montreal

A village within the big city,

why do I love living in the old port of Montreal, Living here is like a flashback in history except the amenities have changed a bit. I've seen such a change in the last five years in this area, now with much more flare and life. You've only really spent time here on those hot summer days or spent beautiful nights eating out at one of the many great restaurants. But now times have changed with many new restaurants and bars opening and offering something a little different from the same old. Not to mention the countless winter festivals have really made this area the place to be even on those cold winter days. Time seems to go by slower here, it reminds me of days in Italy where you enjoyed every moment. It just feels like everyone is in a better mood being here. It's funny how many people tend to just forget that the port even exist, then on a random day you make your way in the area and fall in love all over again. With all the changes and action going on it will be very hard for anyone to stay away.

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Adamo Mariani

Century 21 Innovation