Why I will be your Real Estate Broker

Why I will be your real estate broker,

Everyday I live and breathe the business, not many people can say this but I absolutely love what I do. Building relationships with the people I work with and work for is by far the most important aspect of the business to me. I respect what the client says and will always give my opinion no matter what the effect of what I say may bring with it, because in the end knowing that your getting the truth is more important than the short term gain a lie may bring. I'm here to ensure the long term prosperity of my career. Don't get me wrong we're all here to make money but not at the cost to the ones I respect personally or professionally.

My craft has been refined throughout the years, negotiating has become second nature to me. Reading each and every situation and determining the strategy, tone or level of aggressiveness needed to close deals has become my forte. Sometimes just listening will be the edge needed to make the deal happen. Brokers have many characteristics that vary from one spectrum to the next, being able to be divers in all spectrums gives me the knowhow and confidence needed to come out on top and giving my clients the best shot at achieving there goals.

I'm not here to give you the everyday speech about why you should pick me over another I'm here to tell you that in most situations you have one opportunity to make the deal happen, pick the broker who will be the full extension of you to represent you the way you should be represented with trust, professionalism, respect, and most of all experience.

Most people don't mix business with pleasure or even friendship with business… I do it everyday!

I specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Condo Development

Adamo Mariani
Century 21 Innovation