Eight ways to become more pro-active in 2015 - 8 façons de devenir plus pro-actif en 2015

In short, being proactive is a mix of hustle and problem-solving. It is broken down into eight key points. All together, they create a clear path to success. It is on my New Year's Resolution List for 2015! What about you? Let me know you comments on my web site.

En résumé, être proactif est un mélange de solicitation et de résolution de problèmes. Cela comporte huit points clés. Tous ensemble, ils créent un chemin au succès (article en anglais). Je l'ai ajouté à ma liste de Résolution pour 2015! Et vous? Faites-moi part de vos commentaires sur mon site web.

  1. It’s all about you. No one else is going to get you where you want to go – it’s up to you. Your family and friends are a support system, but that is all they are supposed to be for you. They cannot succeed for you. Only you can do that. Take ownership of your problems, and realize that nobody else is going to solve them for you.

  2. Be solution-focused. One of the greatest traits of effective people is good problem-solving skills. We are all going to run into problems. It’s how you handle them that makes you effective. The most effective way to handle a problem is to focus on finding a solution. Focusing on things that are out of your control is a waste of time, so focus on what you can control with the final outcome. Your team will learn to approach problems and solutions effectively if you lead by example.

  3. Be accountable. Your level of accountability for completing tasks is really important. The approach to achieving goals is both simple and effective: set your goal and then work backwards from that goal to establish metrics to track and evaluate it.

  4. Use SMART goals. Determine goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

  5. Make your own luck. Being successful is not about having the right kind of luck or expecting the right break to come your way. It is not about the mere expectation that you will succeed. It is about taking steps every day to be better than you were the day before by moving in a positive, forward trajectory. Make a blueprint and set out milestones for yourself in specific timeframes, or you are not going to hit your goal. Things do not come to fruition just because you really, really want them to happen. You have to make them happen.

  6. Be consistent. Ultimately, success is not about getting everything right. It is about being consistent. Are you consistently and persistently taking steps every day to steadily move toward your goal? Do you stop making progress or do you continue on when you encounter a seemingly insurmountable problem? Be consistent in what you do. And even though the steps may seem small at the time, doing the right things day in and day out will move you further down the path to success.

  7. Find the right people. Surrounding yourself with driven, effective people is a proven way to help you succeed. Proximity can be an excellent motivator. You get to choose between driven people and people who will drag you down. You cannot have both and expect to succeed. You cannot spend time with lazy people all day and also achieve your daily goals. Lazy people are like quicksand. They bog you down slowly without you knowing it, until you wake up one day and realize you are consumed by laziness.

  8. Honesty is the best Policy. Be humble and take a hard look at what you are doing and how you are doing it. Be completely honest with yourself about what is not working instead of making excuses. It is easy to stay busy and tell yourself you are taking the right steps, but it is harder to be honest if you are not actually making progress. At the end of the day, if you don’t hit your goals, you are only doing a disservice to yourself. You cannot get better if you tell yourself, “Oh, it’s okay, I’m fine where I am.”


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