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 Spring  Clean Your Health
By Mehmet C. Oz, MD, and Michael F. Roizen, MD

Stuff that's hanging around in your carpet (not the onion dip residue), in your garage (not the '74 Mustang), and under the sink can make you older. Clean your house, and then watch your body's clock turn back:
More health benefits of decluttering
Clean the toxic dump, a.k.a. your garage. Your walls haven't been avocado for years. So why keep the half-empty paint can? It and other chemicals lingering on those shelves often contain toluene, a potent reproductive toxin. Usher them out of your home. Today. Just don't throw them in the trash: Go to thedailygreen.com and type your zip code where it says "get local info" to find a collection site near you.
Are toxic environmental factors linked to cancer?
Leave the bleach behind. The chemicals in chlorine bleach evaporate into the air you breathe and aren't good for you or the environment. Instead, use baking soda to clean sinks and tubs; rely on vinegar in a pump spray bottle for an A+ job on windows and mirrors.
Open the windows. The less vulnerable your home is to outdoor air, the more susceptible it is to building up indoor air pollutants. Not a small matter: The inside of a home generally has three to four times the dangerous pollutants and small particles that the outside world does, especially if the distance between you and a highway is less than a baseball field. Open your home to the outside word as frequently as you can during low traffic times.
Lose the shoes. Leave your shoes at the door. You can track in toxins such as lawn-care pesticides, which sink into your carpet and can contaminate the kids who crawl on it.
Forget that "fresh" smell. Know what freshness smells like? It's not "vanilla passion" or "new car." It should smell like nothing.
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