FREE REPORT (3) – 7 Deadly Pitfalls When You Sell Your Own Home Yourself And How To Avoid Them!


  • Deadly Pitfall No. 3

    Make sure you do mega-tons of market research before you price your home. Try to find a minimum of 3 homes similar to yours that have sold in the past 6 months. Also, try to find at least 3 homes that are currently for sale that are similar to yours. These homes are your competition. If the other homes offer more for the money, your home will sell your competition. Pricing your home in the fair market range is critical to your success. Many homeowners get greedy and grossly over price their homes. This destroys the marketability of a home. Do not rely on rumors or what your neighbor said. Verify every sales price at the County Auditor's Office. You can go online at to search the address of the property you want a sold price on or you can call them at 740-455-7109. They are very good at helping you find what you want. This will let you know if the neighbor is being truthful or if they are stretching it (It is amazing the number of homes in a neighborhood that have sold for less than the neighbor said). At the other end of the spectrum, some homeowners price their homes too low. They fail to get the fair price they are entitled to. The asking price should be at the upper end of the fair market value range with the homeowner expecting to get a price that is in the mid-range area of the fair market value range. Paying for a professional appraisal will help immensely! Then you have something to show potential buyers the value of your home.

Refer a frind or family memeber, if you love them

Just a quick note to let you know how I can help the people you care about most, who need the best strategic real estate or mortgage advice.

Perhaps you may have noticed more homes for sale in your area now than last year.

What you may not know, is that many of these homes will not be sold because they simply are not positioned properly for today's market.

When you have a friend, family member or neighbor that has attempted to sell their home and have not been able to achieve that goal by themselves or with their current agent, perhaps I could give them the advice they need.

So, the next time you are in a conversation with a friend, neighbor or family member and they mention that their listing has expired, please don’t keep me a secret -- give them my name and number and ask them to call me.

My purpose is to make sure the people you care about get the strategic advice they must have in today's market place.


Gabriela Jonas

PS. Do you have a friend, family member or neighbor whose listing has expired and they would like to have strategic advice on how to reposition their home to sell in this market? Please call me immediately at 514-266-0419.

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