Google, you’re new Big Brother


What does the famous research site Google knows about you?

Curious questions! Know that Google remember many information’s on you and on all you researches and keep theses in formations for marketing firms. So, Marc-André from the newspaper L’actualité says that theses information’s get this web giant to keep his place in a dominant of online publicity, a  market of more than 140 billion dollars that he control at 31%. Google update you profile where you can see you age, your gender, you interests, the place where you like to go and many more.


How does he do that?

He identified you: by a website where you enter your gender, your age and others information’s on you.

After he details every search you made and at what time.

Also, he find you localisation and the places you like to go. And even more, they check on with device you work on (Iphone, computer PC or MAC, Android, etc.)


What can you do to save yourself?

-you can always click on the blue link in you profile to not receive personalise publicity ( but you will receive general publicity)

- Install ADblock or any software that block publicity


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