Help For First Time Home Buyers

 Help For First Time Home Buyers
Home for Sale in Laval
Priced at or Below Market
  • Have you been looking for a Laval home only to find the same over priced homes that have been stuck on the market?
  • When you find a home you like, is it already sold or pending with another buyer?
  • At the end of a day searching do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and ready to give up?
  • Could you be closer to finding and getting your home than you think but just need a little help?
      If you answered yes to any of the questions above you’re ready for help. I started this service because many first time buyers think they need to compete with all cash investors to get their first home. That’s not necessarily the truth in fact, first time buyers are eligible for many government backed, low down payment options or even zero down programs that are attractive to many home sellers.
      My First Time buyer team work as a buyer’s consultant, specializing in helping locate well-priced homes people want to live in.

      In my most recent home search, I came up with 28 homes for sale in Laval that are listed at or below market price. In many cases this means a person currently renting in Laval can move into a single family home, in a terrific neighborhood, for the same cost as renting.

      If you can imagine yourself living in a terrific home for the same cost as rent and want an updated list of homes as they come on he market, fill in the form below and get your list now.

Help For First Time Home Buyers


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