How to make your house pop on the internet?

The net, also call internet or cyberspace, is a big interface that helps us display information to an audience from worldwide, to have a quick access to information and to take contact more instantly with the public. This exceptional marketing tool is great for a powerful appearance on the market.

The Century21’s brokers can offer you an incredible visibility on the internet with their formation bases on technological advances and a website bringing a colossal number of visitors. So, learn to take this electronic highway with the experts of internet publicity.

Here are some points to check for your online press:

1. Pictures

The major part of buyers’ looks the pictures first. Your pictures must be professional and exposed nicely.


2. Video

Here’s a new tool to distinguish your house from your competition. A video is use to give a new aspect to your house and help buyers to have a better view from it.


3. Text

The text must be small, precise and nicely written. Don’t develop too much and keep it simple without any spelling or grammar mistakes.


4. Global positioning

The global positioning services is use to place your property on a map with her geographic coordinates. This helps the buyers’ to see precisely where your house is located.


5. Display your home on serious real estate sites

The most important point is to verify where your house will be display on the World Wide Web. To find the right buyer, you property have to be displayed on serious real estate websites. Websites like and Century21 .ca are excellent sites who can offer your home the best internet view.


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