Sell or Buy, Demand a comparative market analysis!

You want to sell or buy a property but how can you get a good view of the probable market value of the property?

A value of a house is not the same if it has a pool, a garage, a second bathroom or in its location ....

Think you know the value of the house looking
,, or any other real estate site?

The values displayed are prices listed before negotiations. Some of these prices can be misleading because they are sometimes overestimated by seller or voluntarily to try to get the biggest profit at resale. Similarly when the seller wants a quick sale, it could reduce its asking price.

It is important when you decide to sell or buy to have on hand a professional market analysis of the property and that before starting or signing a contract of sale or an offer to purchase.

This analysis should compare your property to similar properties in your area. Because as you probably know, sometimes just turn a corner, the neighborhood can be very different and houses no longer have the same value.

The price of the home may also vary depending on the market environment. Your area is it more a sector vendors, balanced or buyers?

Example of changing market conditions extracted from the Source: QFREB by Centris system / Barometer report FCIQ Q4 2012 Laval



You want to sell or buy, demand quality service and exceptional ...

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