What’s IN and what’s OUT for kitchens and bathrooms

We all know that the kitchen is a major deal breaker when it’s time to buy a house. The design of the kitchen and the bathrooms can help you sell faster if it’s IN.

What’s IN?

1. Cool contemporary

- Straight lines

-  Stainless or incorporate appliances

- Glazed finished counters




2. Grey hues

White in the new beige since 2013, but grey “will be tops for kitchens in 2014, 71 % of designers said” and “grey also will be this year’s colour scheme for bathrooms”, Shari Kulha from the Gazette says.





3. Open spaces

Open spaces are totally in this year and is taking more and more popularity.







4. Spa-like bathrooms

- having a master bath from the master room is an incredible plus

- Showers with many jets of water (like massage jets)







4. Accessibility Appeal

“56% of designers included accessible design in their kitchens.”, from the Gazette.

- Island with lunch counters are really in demand

- Access to a television (more for kitchens but there is still demands for the bathrooms)





5. Quartz and granite

“Quartz is starting to be the new granite but granite still rule for now.”, says the Gazette.




6. Eco-friendly materials

Eco-friendly kitchens and bathrooms are gaining popularity this year.








What’s out?

1. Dark spaces

Kitchens and bathrooms always need good lightening. If you don’t, that’s a really big negative point. Add trimless spotlight cans for a clean fish and a room illuminated.





2. Triangle set-up

Yep, the famous triangle (when the fridge, the sink and the stove made an imaginary triangle) is OUT this year.




3. Patterned wallpaper all over the kitchen ans bathrooms

The 80’s is far behind us, now it’s time to get rid of all theses flashy colors on your patterned wallpaper and put more of conventional colors while you could keep a little bit of the crazy colors for the accent color.





 CENTURY 21 Max-Immo

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