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Hello everyone!

Let's take a brief look at the 2011 real estate transactions in the Circle Road area(cote des neiges, Montreal), which reveal the current financial state of your neighbourhood. All is well! Will the world economic situation have an influence on the market value of your houses?

2012 looks like a year of transition without much impact on the real estate market or interest rates. It appears the turnaround of the economy in Europe, as well as in the U.S.A. will be slow. We will have to wait for structural and political changes in Europe where the Euro zone has been experiencing uncertainty for some time.

The upcoming elections in the U.S.A. prevent the taking of any decisions on public financing before november 2012. Furthermore, analysts and economists do not foresee any rise in interest rates before 2013-mid 2014 and a rise in the stock markets in 2013-2014. The analysts are no longer calling for a new crisis, but moreover a correction of the markets and financial policies.

Thanks to a certain stability of the Canadian economy in 2012, mortgage rates are still at their lowest level, and with the unique quality of life in the Circle road area, your properties should continue to sell well this year.

*the above opinions are based on my evaluation of the present real estate market but are in no way a guarantee of future market conditions, many of which are beyond my control.

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