Are electric motors the futur of boats on our lakes?


With the increasing cost and pollution of gasoline motors, we all know that one day our cars will be 100% electric. Can we imagine that our boats will be too? The answer is of course yes. Imagine boating without having to burn gasoline and have a larger motor that makes noise. It is a dream that is already in progress with the Quebec company LTS Marine.

Founded in 2009 by an acquaintance named Bruno Tellier, with partners Jean-Francois Lavigne and Michel Soucy, ‘’LTS Marine  took on the mission of bringing green energy, which has been long used by the automotive industry, to the water sports industry – as such contributing to the moral obligation and supporting the just cause of the environment. Passionate about water sports and caring about the environment and the legacy left to future generations, the three founders pooled their expertise in order to revolutionize the water sports industry. The company’s objective is to become the premier supplier of boating manufacturers by offering fully integrated electric drive trains adapted to their needs.

I met Jean-Francois Lavigne 2 weeks ago and I had the chance to see their Ski Nautique 196 100% electric demo boat closel. There was no big V8 engine in the center, but batteries each side and 2 small ultra-powerful electric motor at the rear. Here are some pictures below.

As an amateur water skier myself, I ski in a slalom course a few times a week and I am very enthusiastic about the future of electric boats. For now autonomy is sufficient for 3-5 sessions in a slalom course, and I am convinced that it will increase in the coming years.

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I wish you great success Bruno, J-F, and Michel,


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